Church of Our Father

Church of our Father is an Episcopal Church located in Hulls Cove on Mount Desert Island, about four miles northwest of downtown Bar Harbor. The church was entered onto the National Register of Historic Places on July 1, 1991 because of its significance to the local area as a building serving religious functions as well as exhibiting unique architectural and artistic features [1].

Church services were first organized in Hulls Cove at Capt. Jonathan Steven’s school house [2] as his dying wish to his friend Henry Neely, the second Bishop of Maine [3]. After a couple of decades, the land on which the Church of Our Father sits was donated by Cornelia and Mary Prime, and the church was constructed from 1890–1891 in memory of their parents [4]. The church is still an active parish in the Hulls Cove area.

As for its architectural significance, the church’s construction and masonry work were performed by Bar Harbor locals Asa Hodgkins and George Wescott, using designs by William Masters Camac of Philadelphia’s Furness, Evans & Company architectural firm [5]. This English Gothic church is the best example of the firm’s work in Maine [6]. Regarding artistic significance, the church houses over half a dozen stained glass windows from various studios and artists. Of this collection, the Tiffany Studio’s “Christ and Mary in the Garden” is likely the most notable because it is signed by Louis Comfort Tiffany [7], a world-renowned artist best known for his stained glass windows [8].

By Marisa Higgins


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