The Farm House

Entered onto the National Register of Historic Places on September 28, 2007, the Mildred D. McCormick house and gardens listed as the Farm House hold both landscape and architectural significance [1]. Although not the original designers, Beatrix Farrand (landscape architect) and Arthur MacFarland (architect) were both hired by Ms. Mildred McCormick to remodel her property in the 1920s, and their work remains exemplary of the landscape and architectural styles of that time [2].

15 - Farmhouse 2The Farm House’s property layout, ornamental designs, and gardens were all redesigned by Beatrix Farrand, considered one of the best landscape architects of her time [3].  With 200 commissions across the country, Farrand worked on over 50 projects on Mount Desert Island including assisting John D. Rockefeller with the design of the carriage roads in Acadia National Park as well as designing private gardens.

Arthur MacFarland, a Bar Harbor native, worked on several projects on Mount Desert Island as “[A] member of the second generation of architects to serve the summer residents of Bar Harbor.” [4] For The Farm House, MacFarland integrated a colonial revival-style into his remodel which earned honorable mention by House Beautiful in 1931 in its small-house competition [5].

During the fire of 1947, the property’s caretaker at the time, Jock Riddle, used a garden hose to keep flames at bay while the neighboring cottage Mizzentop was sadly destroyed [6]. Today, The Farm House and gardens are being restored and maintained by mother and daughter, Elizabeth Mills and Leandra Fremont-Smith, and it survives as one of the oldest homes in Bar Harbor [7].

By Marisa Higgins


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