St. Edward’s Convent

The Bar Harbor Historical Society is currently located in the former St. Edward’s Convent of the Holy Redeemer Catholic Church [1]. This convent was entered onto the National Register of Historic Places on October 8, 1998 for its significance as a distinct example of a local architect’s accomplishments and because it was formerly part of a religious institution and exhibits the influence of Bar Harbor’s summer residents during the resort era [2].

The former convent is a Jacobethan Revival structure and was designed by the local architect Milton Stratton [3]. Stratton was born in Hancock, Maine [4] and worked on many projects on Mount Desert Island during the early 1900s. He had a firm with Fred Savage for several years [5], and Stratton was the sole architect behind several local projects which included the Y.W.C.A (1912) and the Bar Harbor Medical and Surgical Hospital (1898) [6].

Money for the convent’s construction came from General Edward de Veau Morrell and his wife Mrs. Louise (Drexell Morrell), summer residents who came to the area from Philadelphia [7]. Beyond the General’s military and congressional service, Mrs. Morrell is also known as the sister of Anthony J. Drexel (founder of the Drexel University [8]) and of St. Katherine Drexel (who was canonized by Rome in 2000) [9].

By Marisa Higgins


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