Stone Barn Farm

Stone Barn Farm was entered onto the National Register of Historic Places on November 29, 2001 for its agricultural and architectural significance to Bar Harbor’s and Mount Desert Island’s developmental history. The farm and its over 160 acres of land are a reminder of the area’s early farming years and a popular landmark for the unique use of both stone material and traditional timber [1].

The property includes three structures—farm house, carriage house, and stone barn—and 167 acres of which approximately 100 are forest, 30 are fields, and 30 are marsh land [2]. The farm and carriage houses were owned and built by Richard Paine between the 1880s and 1900s and represent the farming and architectural traditions of the time [3]. In 1907, the farm was sold by the masonry brothers, James and Charles Shea, who constructed the  barn and worked on the original Abbe Museum [4] and additions to the grounds at The Turrets [5] [6].

Today, the property is privately owned, and in 2001 it was entered into a conservation easement with the Maine Coast Heritage Trust to help preserve the land, animal habitats, and owners’ family ties to the property [7].

By Marisa Higgins

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